Dies Irae - First. 1971 Germany

Dies Irae - First. 1971 Pilz. Also released in France

CD reissues: 1994 Ohwaschl; 2009 Ohrwaschl

LP reissue: 2009 Ohrwaschl

Release details: Originals come in a fine gatefold, typical of the label. Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $400 depending on condition, pressing, and who's selling it. I traded for this album about 25 years ago, but it wasn't really to my taste then. And since I still had too much to acquire, I flipped it quickly for something more to my liking. I recently obtained the 1994 CD, after years of not thinking about the album at all. Like all Ohrwaschl releases, it's a very basic jewel box release with nothing but a copy of the original album. It is from the masters though, so it will suffice until something better comes along. The 2009 version is housed in a digi-pak, whereas the LP reissue replicates the original FOC.

Notes: Dies Irae starts off poorly with a "mouth harp" (harmonica) blues disaster, before launching into some pretty creative heavy rock. I missed this originally, but I wonder if anyone else has caught a very strong semblance to one of Krautrock's most revered albums: The Scorpions debut "Lonesome Crow". It's not near as solid as the Brain label debut album, and does have a couple of more clunkers to sit through, but there's enough here to warrant a couple of listens. And makes me wonder if the Schenker boys hadn't lent an ear prior to waltzing into the studio for "Lonesome Crow".


  1. Hi Tom,

    the spacy floydish track "The Trip" I would consider a krautrock classic. Unfortunately the rest of the album is different (though not bad). They made a kind of video clip back then, which was apparently the first video produced by a band from the Saarland German federal state (Wow! :-) ):


    Those were the days ...



    1. Hi Achim,

      That is a great video! Thanks for sharing. Interesting about the history too. 'The Trip' is one of my favorites from the album as well.

      Thanks as always, Achim!


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