Dies Irae - First. 1971 Germany

Dies Irae starts off poorly with a "mouth harp" (harmonica) blues disaster, before launching into some pretty creative heavy rock. I missed this originally, but I wonder if anyone else has caught a very strong semblance to one of Krautrock's most revered albums: The Scorpions debut Lonesome Crow. It's not near as solid as the Brain label debut album, and does have a couple of more clunkers to sit through, but there's enough here to warrant a couple of listens. And makes me wonder if the Schenker Boys hadn't lent an ear prior to waltzing into the studio for Lonesome Crow.

Personal collection
CD: 1994 Ohrwaschl

Originals come in a fine gatefold, typical of the label. I traded for this album about 25 years ago, but it wasn't really to my taste then. And since I still had too much to acquire, I flipped it quickly for something more to my liking. I recently obtained the 1994 CD, after years of not thinking about the album at all. Like all Ohrwaschl releases, it's a very basic jewel box release with nothing but a copy of the original album. It is from the masters though, so it will suffice until something better comes along. The 2009 version is housed in a digi-pak, whereas the LP reissue replicates the original FOC.


  1. Hi Tom,

    the spacy floydish track "The Trip" I would consider a krautrock classic. Unfortunately the rest of the album is different (though not bad). They made a kind of video clip back then, which was apparently the first video produced by a band from the Saarland German federal state (Wow! :-) ):


    Those were the days ...



    1. Hi Achim,

      That is a great video! Thanks for sharing. Interesting about the history too. 'The Trip' is one of my favorites from the album as well.

      Thanks as always, Achim!


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