Poobah - U.S. Rock. 1976 USA

Poobah - U.S. Rock. 1976 Anchor

And this completes the trio of original Poobah albums. We featured Let Me In and Steamroller in years past.

CD reissue: 2014 Ripple

LP reissue: 2014 Ripple

Release details: The easiest to find and least expensive of the 3 original 70s Poobah albums. As one can see, it features a ridiculous cover, and one presumes it's honoring or making fun of the US Bicentennial that was all the rage in 1976. Originals are usually anywhere between $75 and $150 depending on timing and condition. The CD is excellent, as is usual for Ripple. I had to laugh at the photos, which reminded me of my own high school's yearbook! There are an additional 23 minutes of fine live material added as bonus tracks. Still no liner notes though, which is a pity.

Notes: Carrying on from the debut "Let Me In", "U.S. Rock" adds in keyboards, and there’s a distinct move to an AOR / radio friendly sound. In fact, listening to these tracks with modern ears, it’s almost beyond belief that Poobah weren’t one of the big names of the day. Catchy melodies, powerful and technical guitars, and that sound that made every major band in the 1976/1977 a hit on FM radio. But due to a remarkable run of bad luck, they once again were resigned to releasing the album themselves (and one would presume a major label would advise against the hilariously bad cover).

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