Exponent - Upside Down. 1974 Germany (archival)

Originally published November 18, 2014. I'm bumping to the current date to celebrate the new Garden of Delights CD reissue, which is exactly what we predicted would happen.

Well... here's the next big thing for archival progressive rock collectors. Imagine Spektakel as played by Eloy. Oh... did I get your attention there? Good, that was the plan. This is more German symphonic than classic Krautrock, and I know many of you are nodding your head, saying "yep - know wha'cha mean, Tom". This is definitely a dream for keyboard fans, and there's oodles of organ, Moog, electric piano, and mellotron to absorb and treasure. While there is guitar, it definitely plays second banana to the awesome banks of keyboards. And, as indicated prior, the album is geared more towards the symphonic progressive genre with plenty of meter breaks and compositional acumen. This is not a atmospheric Krautrock zone out. Side 2 is a bit more of a blues based jam, and also possesses a slightly lesser sound quality, but still no less awesome of a listening experience - perhaps calling out a more classic German sound ala Sixty-Nine here. Yes, there's been a Sixty-Nine sighting (look them up). On the topic of sound quality, it's very good for an archival recording, but hardly Abbey Road Studios standard, so be sure to keep expectations in check. Top drawer this one goes in.

Personal collection
LP: 2014 Korusuro
CD: 2015 Garden of Delights

This has Garden of Delights name all over it, if they choose to dig in. I would like to hear more of their story in English. Update: And it has indeed come to pass, we have the CD reissue! It includes one additional 6 minute live track as a bonus, with the usual full liner notes that tells the whole history.

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