Syd Arthur - Sound Mirror. 2014 England

For Syd Arthur's second album, they are now signed to Harvest Records. What? Harvest is still around? The label used to be a guarantee of a thought provoking record. I haven't seen the wonderful day-glo yellow and green letter label for years (other than from my vintage LP collection of course). And too bad the CD is only silver and black without the yellow/green colors, oh well (though they were kind enough to make the inner sleeve emerald green - well, it's something!). One would hope EMI hasn't desecrated the label, though I'm sure they've put drivel on it over the years. Just don't tell me about it. Ignorance is bliss.

Oh, Sound Mirror - right. Let's get on with it shall we? So how would they follow the brilliant On an On? I'm in a 1970 MG convertible, roaring down the A2, with a smashing blond girl in black thigh high go-go boots and long lashes. Hey, this is working out well! She giggled and it was translated in Swedish. Yeaaaaaaaa!

Personal collection
CD: 2014 Harvest

Last listen: September 21, 2014

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