Hominido - Estirpe Litica. 2014 Chile

Hominido was formed from the ashes of Le Desooorden, the fine Chilean group that we've featured in the past. Hominido features the rhythm section of the prior group, along with a new guitarist, and guests on violin and trumpet (also former Le Desooorden alumni). Most importantly they've recruited a female vocalist, thus giving the band its most distinctive quality from their previous endeavor. And I appreciate that she sings in her native Spanish. Hominido follows a similar path of crafting music that is highly creative, with a strong penchant for mixing of genres - but with a modern progressive sound, most notable in the extensive use of metal guitar. Perhaps most impressive is Hominido's dedication to diversity. On "Estirpe Litica" one will encounter the sounds of India ('Shalagram Shila'); Arabia ('Simun'); instrumental jazz/metal fusion ('Eterno Retorno'); ambient tropical ('Mi  Roca Interna'); progressive rock (title track); and atmospheric lounge ('Salar'). I was less impressed by the more straight-up prog metal like 'Cabeza de Piedra', 'Insano Devenir', and 'Adoquines Queretanos'. I had secretly hoped that 'Magma' would be Zeuhl influenced, but no such luck, though it's a fine neo psychedelic track in its own right, so yet one more style emerges.

For those who enjoy high minded concept albums, Hominido states that "Estirpe Litica" is a: "Conceptual album shows, through music, the ancestral relationship of humans with stones, narrating the changes that this causes them to be used in countless everyday situations related to the construction of homes, temples, worship elements tools, defense of rivers, major roads pavement ancient, aqueducts, etc." 

Overall Hominido has carried on the Le Desooorden legacy quite well. Those looking for adventurous progressive rock music and who tend to favor genre cutting, will find much to enjoy here. Recommended.

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Last listen: September 3, 2014

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