Accordo dei Contrari - AdC. 2014 Italy

Accordo dei Contrari's third opus, simply titled AdC, is yet another fine heavy instrumental album. The musicianship is top notch, and the analog sounds are perfectly pitched. Their loud acid guitar and grungy organ tones are tough to beat. However, I feel the band took a bit of a step back on this one. The songwriting isn't overly compelling, and memorable melodies are almost non-existent. And there's little development within each track, and it seems the band is out to impress rather than engage. Fans of mid 1970s fusion will find the most here to enjoy. Perhaps we're spoiled in this day and age where an album as accomplished as AdC is - and it clearly is accomplished - isn't still enough to satisfy. I think for the band to raise it to the next level, they'll need to rip a page from the classic early 70s Italian progressive rock manual. Recommended - of course - but I think they can do better.

Personal collection
CD: 2014 AltRock

Last listen: August 21, 2014

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