Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera - Knirsch. 1972 Germany

Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera - Knirsch. 1972 MPS / BASF

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CD reissue: 2010 HGBS

LP reissues: 1979 Crystal; 1984 Corona Music Jazz

Release details: Knirsch comes in a mighty fine thick and sturdy gatefold, and as with every MPS album, is pressed on excellent vinyl. Like all of the Et Cetera albums, there is much supply, but it's matched by the demand and originals sell consistently for around $125 (though I found copies slightly cheaper on a quick search - so definitely do your homework). I bought my personal original LP copy on ebay about 15 years ago and added it to the CDRWL immediately. Dauner's albums are being reissued slowly, and on different labels, so it was with great delight that a new label HGBS (which stands for original MPS founder Hans Georg Brunner-Schweremerged) reissued Knirsch on CD. And so I purchased one as soon as it became available. It comes in a nice digi-pak and sounds fantastic (surely from the masters). Unfortunately there are no historical liner notes or bonus tracks. I know nothing about the '79 reissue, though it would appear Crystal is a "budget label" so probably best to steer clear unless desperate for an LP copy at a cheaper price. I know even less about the Corona Music Jazz release.

Notes: A mixed effort, Knirsch combines the higher key heavy fusion of Mahavishnu Orchestra with Dauner's own affliction towards experimental free jazz. On board for this excursion are noted jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, Colosseum's Jon Hiseman (drums), and long time Dauner contributor (and future Exmagma member) Fred Braceful on hand percussion - the all-star cast proves up to the challenge of mixing these diverse styles. Dauner himself provides a nice variety of keyboards from traditional Clavinet, piano, Mini-Moog, and Rhodes onto off-key analog electronik instruments for the most "out there" segments. Some of the experimental bits go on for too long, as was common from this era of jazz rock, but still a very worthy addition for any underground fusion collection. Final piece 'Yin' is the best track and closes the album in fine fashion.

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