The Plastic Cloud - s/t. 1968 Canada

The Plastic Cloud - s/t. 1968 Allied

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CD reissues: 1990 Laser's Edge (USA); 2006 Lion (USA)

LP reissues: 1999 Void (USA); 2007 Lion (USA)

Packaging: Single sleeve cover with insert as shown above from an old ebay auction that no doubt covered that month's mortgage payment for the seller. Original copies can get way up there, and frequently sell for well over $1K. My original discovery came via a new upstart label called The Laser's Edge way back in 1990. I'd never heard of the group, and I was myself only in about Year 3 of having disposable income for buying albums when I felt like it. So I took a chance, and was rewarded in a big way from a music perspective. The CD comes with a fold out insert and replicates the original liner notes. Many years later I picked up the Void LP reissue - and it's probably superfluous to own this version given it's a straight reissue with the same original insert. But since it's such a favorite album of mine, it's nice to have a vinyl copy - especially since originals are pretty much out of reach. The Lion reissues include - according to their website - "The accompanying twenty-page booklet has all the lyrics, thanks to Don Brewer, the man who wrote them, as well as rare photos and a replica of an original press release that must be seen to be believed". And their edition of the LP is a gatefold. So if I was looking to pick these up for the first time, no doubt I would run to the Lion versions, which hopefully are still available. I'll always keep the Laser's Edge CD - but if I happen upon any other reissue (or God forbid, an original), I most certainly will consider supplementing it.

Notes: Kingston's The Plastic Cloud - to my ears anyway - practically define what late 1960s underground psychedelic music sounds like. Look at the cover - fast forward 45+ years - and tell me they wouldn't fit perfectly into today's hipster culture. They have a strong sense of that era's light ethereal melodies coupled with credible vocal harmonies, and yet they also possess this subversive streak that shows up primarily in their heavy use of a biting "bumblebee" sounding fuzz guitar. Tracks like 'Shadows of Your Mind', 'You Don't Care', 'Face Behind The Sun', and 'Civilization Machine' are massive in their execution, and the jams can get super intense  - especially on the longer tracks (two of which go into the 9 to 10 minute mark). Imagine The Doors going "all in", as they would in their early days, but utilizing fuzz guitar instead of electric organ. And even the "straight" psychedelic tracks are memorable such as 'Art's a Happy Man' and 'Bridge Under the Sky'. If you're a fan of the underground 60s psych movement, it's pretty hard to imagine not freaking over this masterpiece. A genre defining album if there ever was one.

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  1. Our reissue of The Plastic Cloud is the only version to be sourced from the original analogue stereo master tapes. It was a flat transfer handled by Ray Janos at Trutone Studios.

    All subsequent authorized versions (vinyl and CD) have been created from a (DAT) digital source provided by Jack Boswell, the owner of Allied.


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