Robert Connolly - Plateau. 1978 Canada

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: Ontario in the 1970's was an extension of the US Midwest - at least from an economic perspective. And so it comes as no surprise that the music shares similarities. We've waxed on a number of times about this most unique of American made rock music. And I'll be honest, I never viewed Connolly with this lens, until a revisit of the LP a couple of years back. Wham-bam, bullseye! Get your Ethos, Dillinger, Starcastle, and October albums out and compare.

Even though Connolly is standing next to a double neck guitar on the back cover, I believe his true passion is keyboards (and he's loaded with all the fun analog stuff like Mellotron, Mini Moog, and Hammond). The concept is pure 1970's space alien fantasy and comes complete with a goofy comic book (and any righteous CD label MUST reproduce this bad boy). For the album, Connolly put together two entirely different groups, each side represented. Side 1 mixes narration, female vocals, acoustic balladry and all out progressive rock that recalls Eloy's "Power and the Passion", but truthfully better. Side 2 is where Connolly hands over the guitar duties as well as brings on a male lead singer - while he focuses entirely on the keys. No question this side is the more traditional progressive rock, though the vocals tend towards the AOR side, typical of the region. Given this new outlook, I'm appreciating Robert Connolly's album more now than ever. It's the time and place.

Personal collection
LP: 1978 Tube

Single sleeve cover with a comic book, that's absolutely awesome in its goofiness. And dig that back cover with the mounds of hair and double neck! Like the Pascal Languirand's from Canada, this is an album I bought used well over 20 years ago, and could still buy one for the same price today. It really is a good album too (and still quite obscure - few seem to know about it after all these years). No reissues to date, and I've had it in the CDRWL since day 1 of the list. There isn't a year listed anywhere on the LP. However, the comic book is dated 1978, so that's generally the accepted release date for the album.

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