Lost Nation - Paradise Lost. 1970 USA

Detroit's Lost Nation recalls another band from nearby Ann Arbor: SRC. Especially at the time of Traveler's Tale. There's a distinct late psych vibe here (the dreamy vocals and harmonies are a pure giveaway). The driving guitars and Hammond Organ call out Deep Purple from their late 60s era, and the music definitely carries over into progressive rock territory with their sophisticated development of composition - especially over the longer tracks of which there are a few. It's a pity Lost Nation didn't catch on, as they certainly were one of the stronger groups to emerge from the American confused year of 1970. For my tastes, the best album on the Rare Earth label.

Personal collection
LP: 1970 Rare Earth

Single sleeve cover with colorful label as shown above. I was first tipped to this record over 20 years ago by a friend who also happens to be one of the biggest Dutch record collectors (where the album was also released). He told me that if I was looking for a great hard psych album from my own country, I should look for this LP since he knew it wasn't very expensive - and it was still an unknown (it kind of still is!). Unfortunately this album remains completely ignored in the reissue market (beyond pirate editions of course), and has been in the CDRWL since its inception.

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