Deja-Vu - Between the Leaves. 1976 Norway (archival)

Deja-Vu features two members from the Norwegian hard progressive band Høst, and the music is very similar actually, especially at the time of Hardt mot Hardt. Perhaps more symphonic given the heavy keyboard presence (Fender Rhodes, Mini-Moog, String Ensemble, Clavinet, Mellotron), but the compositions have that relentless bass guitar induced driving flair - also recalling Trettioariga Kriget or Ruphus' works a couple of years prior to this. Hard to imagine anyone into the symphonic progressive rock sound not appreciating this album at a high level. As you listen to Deja-Vu, it becomes apparent that a modern band like Wobbler has no doubt digested this album as a matter of national pride. And it shows in their own recordings, especially their latest Yes-like offering Rites at Dawn.

Personal collection
CD: 1995 Research Records / Record Heaven (Sweden)

Supposedly a test pressing from 1976, I don't think one has ever been for sale. So a classic case of an archival tape, and my first exposure - along with just about everyone else I presume - was the Research Records CD, which I bought immediately upon release in the mid 90s. Today that CD is pretty much extinct and will probably remain a collectible unless it gets reissued again. The CD is an excellent release with liner notes, photos, and great sound.

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