Simon Jones - Melanie & Me. 1975 Australia

At its core, Simon Jones' soundtrack to the art film Melanie and Me is a fairly straightforward folk rock album. Dual acoustic guitars, male/female vocals, and drums form the basis for most of the material. There's some electric guitar and even some amplified fuzz to open and close the album, that most assuredly will give it street cred with the psych crowd. There are a couple of tracks that are a bit different from the norm, and does make one raise their head in wonderment: 1) 'Nine to Five' features electric organ and piano, and definitely sounds like a track from the American underground of the late 60s. Perhaps best is the jam starting at the 3 minute mark that certainly reminds one of The Doors at their peak. And 2) 'Welcome' is one of those introspective folk numbers complete with melancholic recorder, a sound that presents an imagery of the English countryside.

Personal collection
CD: 2014 Strawberry Rain (Canada)

This is another one of those super rare 100-only press folk related items that have dominated the record collecting scene for some time now. Fortunately Strawberry Rain has come to the rescue for the rest of us and reissued the title in both LP and CD formats. I own the latter, and it comes in a fine digi-pak with original photos and liner notes (i.e. what was on the original LP - no new insights are offered). As always, great care is applied to the sound. An excellent reissue.

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