Blind Owl - s/t. 1973 Canada

Toronto area based Blind Owl play a quiet, introspective, and melancholic folk music with harmony vocals. The latter definitely recalls Crosby, Stills & Nash. Other than piano and a small bit of percussion and harmonica, this is pretty much acoustic guitars and vocals throughout. Low budget recording adds to the vibe. Nice little obscurity reissued in fine (& legal) form, as is always the case, from Strawberry Rain.

Personal collection
CD: 2013 Strawberry Rain (Canada)

Originals apparently were pressed in a small batch of 100. I haven't actually seen the album for sale, but guessing if one did surface, it would go for an enormous sum. The single sleeve cover simply features the lyrics front and back. The CD reissue comes in a nice digi-pak and 2 bonus tracks. Not much in the way of history is afforded though.

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