Woodenhead - Perseverance. 2003 USA

Woodenhead - Perseverance. 2003 Free Electric Sound (CD)

After 20 years, New Orleans based jazz rock group Woodenhead unleashed what would be their final album to date - the appropriately named Perseverance. At the border of fusion and progressive rock, this fine instrumental album features plenty of excellent electric guitar, piano, and a nimble rhythm section. The compositions are written as such to feature a multitude of ideas within each segment, and thus points it further into progressive rock territory. Perhaps the best feature are the Trombones From Hell, a trio who provide some tight horn charts amongst the usual progressive fusion fare. While it misses the spirit of a youthful naivete, it still possesses an optimism and professionalism one would expect from a mature band. Best track is the last ('Buzz Beat'). A very solid work.

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