Snowball - Defroster. 1978 Germany

Snowball - Defroster. 1978 Atlantic

CD reissue: 2009 Sireena

Packaging: The LP is housed in a typical nondescript late 70's single sleeve import. Still a common album on vinyl (especially in Germany), though finding copies in the US are much more scarce as it wasn't imported heavily. The Sireena CD comes in a fine digi-pak with great sound, lyrics, photos, and newspaper clippings. The CD is definitely the way to go here. Copies are still available new from online vendors at a very reasonable price.

Notes: Snowball were a supergroup of sorts. Formed out of the Curt Cress Clan, which featured Passport veterans Cress and Kristian Schultze, along with former Embryo (and other German fusion/rock bands) bassist Dave King. These three from CCC were joined by none other than Nektar vocalist/guitarist Roye Albrighton to try their hand at the more commercial late 70s jazz funk sound that permeated the era. Opening in dubious fashion with the woofer Hold On, the album suddenly becomes a surprisingly enjoyable, but still somewhat typical, late 70s funky fusion album. There are plenty of good melodies coupled with a few decent breaks, and well-done vocals from Albrighton that separate this one from the common KrautFunkFusion rat pack. Excellent unison playing from all involved. While a good album, one can find better examples from Germany in this style such as Embryo's "Bad Heads and Bad Cats", Missus Beastly's "Dr. Aftershave and the Mixed Pickles", and the Real Ax Band's sole album.

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