Igzit-Nine - s/t. 2003 Japan

On their sole album, Igzit-Nine provide us with eight solid instrumental progressive rock tracks with a strong jazz underpinning. Focus is on melody, rather than chops, so songwriting takes precedence over technical acumen. Frequent meter shifts within each track keep this in the progressive rock category versus traditional fusion / jazz-rock. All pluses as far I'm concerned. Igzit-Nine are a four piece where the guitarist and keyboardist own the compositions, the primary melody lines, and the solos. Keyboards are of the modern variety, so retro analog gearheads will need to look elsewhere. I would place Igzit-Nine on the continuum from Ain Soph to Kenso. This is a really good one.

Personal collection
CD: 2003 Musea (France)

Last listen: 2014

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