Chillum - s/t. 1971 England

Chillum - s/t. 1971 Mushroom

CD reissues: 1998 See For Miles (as Chillum...Plus); 2010 Sunbeam; 2010 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

LP reissue: 2010 Sunbeam

Fell way behind again as I needed to take care of some family business in Denver and Fort Collins this past week. I have a few entries to wrap up on the CDRWL as well as the UTR. And then we'll be back to digging into my collection for this blog. Luckily, I already had this one baked and ready to go from a listen two weeks ago.

Packaging: Originals have always been scarce, and each single sleeve album (with a flapback design) is individually spray painted with a stencil framework. Typically these range anywhere from $150 to $350 if you're in the market for one. My first copy was a cheap 80s bootleg LP, before upgrading to the See For Miles CD (second photo). This version contains fine liner notes and extra bonus tracks. A few years ago, I decided to purge it, and that was probably not the best decision. Fortunately Sunbeam placed the album back into circulation, and I was able to snag one recently for a bargain price. This issue comes with a fresh new set of historical liners, unique photos, and another group of bonus tracks - some overlap with the SFM, and others are unique to this release. The LP reissue comes as a gatefold, and I will presume based on other Sunbeam issues, that they have included the history within the fold out cover.

Notes: Chillum is basically the third Second Hand album - and is in reality - a series of loose instrumental jams while auditioning for a new guitarist. Urged on by a French industry friend, the band was encouraged to release the tapes as a mysterious underground group. And thus the legend of Chillum began. So while conservatory compositional awards are out of the question, the album does work well within a 1971 English underground context. The epoch's instrumentation, production styles, and attitude are in abundance here. Good period piece that delivers exactly what it promises.

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