Agusa - Högtid. 2014 Sweden

Agusa are a new band from Sweden that has ties to two other UTR favorites: Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting and Kama Loka. Seeing the album is on Kommun2, and the description read that the music is in a similar 70s retro vein, it seemed a guarantee I would like it. And indeed it came to pass - I love it. Once again we are presented with a heavy - yet subdued - primarily instrumental psychedelic rock album, with Hammond organ, acoustic and fuzz guitar, wordless voices, pounding percussion - all with that distinct Nordic touch (while occasionally looking east towards Asia), that shows up in the melodies and overall atmosphere. There are no pyrotechnics here - this is an album for reflection and careful study. For fans of Flasket Brinner, early Trettioariga Kriget, Kebnekaise, Saga, and other classics from the Swedish 70s underground.

Personal collection
LP: 2014 Kommun 2
CD: 2014 Transubstans

The LP of Hogtid comes in a fine gatefold heavy duty sleeve, and was first to market. The CD only has one short 3 minute bonus track. So it's not necessary to get the CD as well, if you already have the LP. But of course I had to have both, because I'm insane.

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