Raven - Who Do You See... 1976 USA (archival)

Classic progressive rock from Midwest America. This time from Terre Haute, Indiana, and features none other than the same drummer from the monster psych rock band Micah (1971) - who had relocated to upstate New York from Terre Haute a few years prior. So it takes a Portuguese vinyl only label to release this wonderful archival LP - OK, works for me. Global economy indeed.

This album (recorded 1976) has all the trademarks of a band from the era and region: Straightforward radio friendly tracks are offset by highly complex compositions and serious musical chops. And loads of that wonderful Hammond organ and Moog synthesizer! Perhaps not the greatest sounding recording, but certainly excellent given the circumstances. Other Indiana bands like Yezda Urfa, Ethos, and even Vindication will point the way if needing comparisons.

Overall a great find!

And, as it turns out, drummer Robert Wolff is still going - participating in none other than a progressive rock band from Finland called Corvus Stone, who have a new album coming soon! So we have a drummer from Indiana, who lived in New York, who's first album (Micah) was reissued by a German company (Shadoks), whose next band was released for the first time by a label from Portugal, and who is now a virtual member of a band from Finland. Got that? Wow.........

Personal collection
LP: 2013 Golden Pavilion (Portugal)

Single sleeve cover with biographical data "obi". This issue surprisingly lacks historical detail, though you can find more on the internet. The vinyl itself sounds very fine - especially for something that wasn't intended to be issued in the first place. Give it a few years, and I'll probably be adding this to the CDRWL...

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  1. Wow, this was once again very enjoyable to read - and it's true what you tell about Robert Wolff!
    Thank you again!
    Pasi / Corvus Stone


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