Quicksand - Home is Where I Belong. 1974 Wales

Quicksand - Home is Where I Belong. 1974 Dawn

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CD reissues: 1997 Si-Wan (Korea); 2002 Victor (Japan mini-LP); 2005 Breathless; 2007 Strange Days/Universal (Japan mini-LP); 2011 Esoteric

Packaging: Originals on the collectible Dawn label come in a fine gatefold, and are pretty scarce. Nice copies generally sell in the $150 to $200 range. My first exposure to the album came via the first Japanese mini on Victor, and as always, replicates the original cover to perfection. In addition, I recently picked up the Esoteric CD as a supplement, as I wanted to check out their mastering and liner notes, which are splendid as usual. I'm keeping both CDs for now. I've not heard or seen the other three CDs that are listed. Perhaps surprisingly, there isn't a legit LP reissue to date, especially given the scarcity of the original. As an aside, most of the websites attribute a 1973 date to the original, though according to the Esoteric CD, the album was released in February of 1974.

Notes: Quicksand are a Welsh progressive rock band that recalls other interesting UK groups - that aren’t necessarily progressive in the classic sense of the term - but are musically interesting all the same. Originally released on Dawn, and consistent with the label’s musical outlook. One can hear Fantasy, Jonesy, Spring, Cressida, and early Fruupp. Plenty of organ and guitar jams to satisfy even the most discerning 1970’s progressive rock heads. And, of course yea, there's even a little mellotron. There’s also a distinct Quicksilver Messenger Service 1960’s “West Coast” sound that permeates – which was also a huge influence on fellow countrymen Man. There are two tracks here that clear the 8 minute mark, that are truly overt progressive rock pieces and are brilliant. You don’t hear many folks talk about this album, but it’s a really, really good one… definitely a hidden classic from the almost infinite and fertile British 70’s scene.

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