Mad Curry - s/t. 1971 Belgium

A superb early jazz infused progressive rock album with organ, electric saxophone, and witchy female vocals that is distinctly European, and of that era. Earth and Fire, Sandrose, Julian's Treatment, Fusion Orchestra, and Circus 2000 are all good reference points here. Fellow Belgian band Shampoo as well, more so with the jazzy disposition. 'Music, The Reason of Our Happiness' is just flat out one of the all-time great progressive jazz rock tracks.

Personal collection
LP: 1971 Pirate's
LP: 2013 Wah Wah (Spain)

As you can see, originals are housed in an extraordinary poster cover. I obtained my original back in the 1990s via a trade with a Belgian dealer, and will probably stay with me to the end of days. As such, it's been on my CDRWL for close to 20 years. And sadly, it remains there. As an aside, perhaps "Pirate" isn't the best name for a record label? For vinyl collectors, the reissue on Wah Wah solves the problem of a legit reissue in at least one format anyway. My original is hardly in mint shape, so I went forward with this reissue as a backup copy. The reissue packaging is wonderful and replicates the original in every way except the cover texture. The original has a soft vinyl finish, whereas Wah-Wah's is common stock. As a special bonus, they also pressed the original 45 single with picture sleeve. I hadn't heard this single prior, and the music is of the same quality as the album proper. The LP also comes with fine liners, though I believe they come from the band's own website. I wasn't overly pleased with the sound, however, as it seemed too bass heavy. I'm hoping any legit CD that comes around will consider a new edit. And finally, this release confirms the 1971 release date, which was also considered the norm in collector circles (many of the current websites append a 1970 date). The original LP, however, does not have a date listed anywhere.


  1. OK, let me get this right: they decide on this massive poster cover giving them lots of space for some truly stunning artwork, but instead what we get is a bunch of pictures of hairy blokes? Small wonder this isn't trading for huge sums :-)

  2. LOL!. Well there is one cute girl in there, but it's not obvious from the photo.... :-)

  3. might be worth pointing out that Shampoo isn't just a reference point, but basically a sister band to Mad Curry, partly featuring the same personnel. pretty sure you're perfectly aware of it, but it's not exactly clear from the write-up, so I thought I'd chime in just in case!

    1. That's a great point Lev. Thanks for pointing that out!!

  4. One of the songs from the Shampoo album also appears slightly reworked on this one, too.

  5. Having never owned an original copy (despite having lived in Belgium for some years) I cannot comment on the excessive bass of the reissue. From a needle drop CDR I owned, the Wah Wah sounds more bass heavy but not that unpleasantly as to deter the listening pleasure. The real problem is with the single (of which I own an original). There the bass is oversaturrated.


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