Cybotron - Implosion. 1980 Australia

By this time, Cybotron were clearly more of an instrumental electronic rock band, similar to groups such as France's Space Art, rather than a strictly sequencer based Klaus Schulze clone (though fortunately there's still some of that here). The saxophone is retained from Colossus as well, and is put to good use. Other than the last track, which is a smooth jazz clunker (and fortunately short), fans of the band's earlier albums won't want to miss this title either. The band admits in the CD liner notes that they were seeking a more commercial based style, but they didn't want to let go of their progressive past either. Perhaps the least satisfying of the 3, but still quite good. Those who like real drums in their electronic music will be pleased here.

Personal Collection
CD: 2005 Aztec

The original LP on Cleopatra comes in a nice gatefold sleeve. As for the CD, it's hard to beat Aztec's multi-fold out digipak covers, not to mention the extensive liner notes - and great sound. In addition, the CD features 6 fine bonus tracks. I have both the CD and the LP for this title, but definitely the CD is the way to go here. 2017 Update: My opinion hasn't changed here, and thus I let the LP go for sale.

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