Brain Police - s/t. 1968 USA

Brain Police - s/t. 1968 K.B. Artists

CD reissue: 2000 Shadoks (Germany) as San Diego's Only Psychedelic Cops

LP reissues: 1997 Rockadelic; 2012 Guerssen (Spain)

Tremendous late 60s psychedelic album from San Diego, with some bona fide monster tracks in 'I'd Rather See You Dead' (my personal fave on the album), 'Getting Too Much Higher', 'Gypsy Fast Woman', and 'I'll Find Love'. Heavy fuzz guitar, organ, snotty vocals, snakey bass, and snappy drums define the music. The CD bonus tracks of pre-Brain Police outfits such as the Man-Dells (1964-65) and Other Four (1965-1966) demonstrate a strong Beach Boys influence. This extended experience with vocal harmony shows up throughout the album, adding that extra dimension that makes it special. Listen to tracks such as 'Find Me a Moment', 'Ride My Train of Love', and 'I'll Find Love' to hear this dimension of the band, and I think this is where the Strawberry Alarm Clock references come in (and I agree).

As you can see, there are numerous covers and releases for this album. The top is the original demo, which didn't come with a sleeve, and is ridiculously rare and expensive. I first heard this album via the Rockadelic LP reissue (2nd picture), which I bought as soon as it was released, and has all kinds of goodies included, but ultimately sold off, to my regret. Later I picked up the Shadoks CD which is a fine reissue with full historical liner notes, concert poster replications, newspaper articles, and 10 bonus tracks going back to the mid 60s! The last photo is from the Guerssen LP reissue, which I haven't seen or heard. It appears this cover also graced the Akarma issues of the album.

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