Blops - s/t (Locomotora). 1974 Chile

Blops - s/t. 1974 Alba

CD reissue: 2006 Shadoks (Germany - as Locomotora from box set along with first two albums)

LP reissues: 2006 Shadoks (same setup as CD box); 2011 Acme (UK)

Packaging: The top cover (single sleeve) is the original, while the second one came along later - some say it was originally a pirate edition, others say it was a legit reissue. Details are sketchy, but for certain it's not the original. Shadoks went forward with the latter cover (and secondary title of Locomotora) for its LP and CD box sets. The Acme LP reissue replicates the original cover. It's a brick, with no other information, and muddy sound. Not the best reissue, but it's the only version of the album I own at this time.

Notes: Blops' third self-titled album, later titled "Locomotora" (and with a different cover), is primarily an instrumental rock album with flute, piano, organ, and fuzz guitar providing the lead work. Not particularly complex, but also not as kitschy as some of the Italian instrumental psychedelic albums like Blue Phantom or Underground Set. There are some wordless voices peppered throughout that add an exotic vibe. Perhaps this is South America's equivalent to the French band Catharsis, though Blops appear to have more of a jazz background that they apply to their improvisations. Highly recommended if you enjoy the rougher analog tones of the early 70s, and for fans of flute driven rock. You can put me down as such for those categories.

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