Maxwells - Maxwell Street. 1969 Denmark

Maxwells - Maxwell Street. 1969 MPS (Germany)

CD reissue: 2003 Long Hair (Germany)

Packaging: The original is housed in a very nice gatefold cover and was released on the fine German jazz label MPS. Maxwells was an odd choice for the imprint, indicating an exploration into different markets at the time. Originals are surprisingly not too expensive, somewhere in the $75 to $100 range will score you a sweet copy. The only reissue is the excellent Long Hair CD, complete with full liners, photos, etc... This is the only version I own, though I probably will get the original at some point too.

Notes: Really fine exploratory effort from Maxwells, a band that continued to progress musically via the Rainbow Band moniker and even further as Midnight Sun. The music here is definitely inspired by the cutting edge horn rock movement as portrayed by the Chicago Transit Authority, but with an avant garde edge in places, perhaps recalling Friend Sound on their "Joyride" album. Splendid little album that demonstrates once again that Denmark was about a full year ahead of their Continental European contemporaries when it came to innovations in rock music.

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