Sahara - For All the Clowns. 1977 Germany

Sahara - For All the Clowns. 1977 Ariola. Also 1977 Peters International (USA)

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CD reissue: 1993 Ohrwaschl

Packaging: Well... just like every progressive rock collector here in the States, my first copy was the domestic Peters version, which is cover #2 above. I'm sure I found it in some buck bin crate and in VG shape. Hey, I needed to stretch the dollars really far back in the 1980s! Given the single sleeve cover art, I never felt compelled to upgrade to the original, though I think if I see one today, I may nab it. I ditched the LP when the CD came out in 1993, and that's the current status at Casa UMR. "For All the Clowns" has pretty much been neglected in the reissue market, which is a pity. Like all of the Ohrwaschl CDs, you get a jewel box with original cover art, and that's it. At least it's legit though. It would be nice for a specialist label to step up on this title. Maybe one day I'll start a CD RE-Reissue Wish List blog (Tom - just STOP the madness!). I see no need for a reissue LP, as German originals are available frequently in auction and go for reasonable prices ($30-$50, though higher in some cases). And if you're desperate for a vinyl copy, at least here in the USA, you can always get the Peters copy in beat-to-hell shape for 10 cents. Be sure to check your local Goodwill store...

Notes: Strangely, Sahara's second effort is an American sounding rock album, but with some very interesting long form progressive numbers. Flute, acoustic guitar, and some meter gymnastics save the more pedestrian tracks found here from overtaking the primary pole position. And because these two best tracks are over 24 minutes, or more than half the album, it's hard not to give this one a high score. File this one next to Hoelderlin's "Clowns and Clouds", though I'd still suggest going for that one first.

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