Mammut - s/t. 1971 Germany

Mammut- s/t. 1971 Mouse Trick Track

CD reissues: 1993 Ohrwaschl; 2009 Long Hair

LP reissues: 1996 Little Wing; 2009 Long Hair

Packaging: As an original, the single sleeve Mammut's album is seriously rare, and you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,500 for a nice copy. I've never actually held one myself. My introduction to the album came via the Little Wing LP reissue, that I bought upon release, as this was one of my top wants at the time. As is Little Wing's unfortunate custom, they created an entirely different cover, so as to not desecrate the original. Whatever. Their CD reissues were even worse, only using a generic brown and red sleeve. Fortunately they didn't get around to doing this one on CD. On the topic of CDs, imagine my surprise when I learned a few years later (I want say around 1999 or so?) that Ohrwaschl had already reissued this on CD! This became an immediate top want for me. Apparently the story is that someone challenged the legality of it, and they pulled it from the shelves immediately. So it is genuinely rare and only a few got out there. I did finally source one, and dumped the LW album. Of course the CD isn't anything special, like all Ohrwaschl releases. According to this, as late as 2008, the band were looking for a legal CD press (thus further condemning the Ohrwaschl version). So it was Long Hair who finally came to the rescue and reissued this the right way, on both LP and CD, with full liner notes and a relevant bonus track. I bought the LP to get LH's full version, and I'll probably keep the OW CD in addition to that, just because.

Notes: Well, it's certainly German, but it doesn't sound "Krautrock" in the sense the term has come to mean. A much more compositionally focused band with copious use of piano, organ, and flute, and an almost American sense of psych-pop songwriting considering the vocal approach. Love the constant pounding drums that keep the toes tapping. Borders the psychedelic and progressive era's nicely. A fine album, that needs many listens to penetrate.

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  1. I'm still keeping the Ohrwaschl CD I got back in the day. It's very, very rare.


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