Lard Free - I'm Around Midnight. 1975 France

Lard Free - I'm Around Midnight. 1975 Vamp

At some point, my goal is to document my entire progressive and psychedelic rock collection (excepting the more common bands of course) via my 3 blogs (CDRWL: LP era (~pre-1987) with no legit reissue; UMR: LP era with reissue(s); UTR: CD era albums). This blog will be by far the largest when complete, but it will take forever. I see this more as a fun retirement activity than as something I can consistently do while holding down a career. But since that's probably 15 years away (if I'm lucky), I'll just keep chipping away at it. And sometimes I get breaks at work too, and this is a good use of my free time. So I was just cleaning out the locker here, and noticed I have a few items with pseudo reviews ready to be published. I'll start here, and of course mix in the new reissues as they come in.

CD reissues: 1993 Spalax; 2008 Captain Trip (Japan mini-LP)

LP reissue: 2010 Wah Wah (Spain)

Packaging: My introduction to the album was immediately after the Spalax CD came out, and as usual for the imprint, it's a straight reissue with no extras. A couple of years after that, I picked up the original gatefold LP since I love the late 1940's era Pigalle District artwork. While not cheap, originals aren't terribly expensive (~$75, sometimes more), but they are scarce. If in the market for the LP, I'm sure the Wah Wah reissue will more than suffice, though I haven't seen it myself. Again, because of the cover, I went forward with the Captain Trip mini and sold off the Spalax. I found the sound on the latter CD to be excellent as well.

Notes: Whereas the debut tended towards noisy electronics and free jazz, Lard Free on the followup "I'm Around About Midnight" brings in no less a luminary than Richard Pinhas, and subsequently turns out a Heldon styled nightmare (and that's a very good thing). Pinhas' tortured bluesy guitar and down tuned Moog are in abundance, and the whole album sounds like a long lost Heldon album from around the time of "Agneta Nilsson". Perhaps with a touch of Artman's future project Urban Sax on display. A splendid album of electronik musik. Highly recommended.

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