Et Cetera - s/t. 1971 Germany

Et Cetera - s/t. 1971 Global Intercord

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CD reissue: 2008 Long Hair

LP reissues: 1980 Brain (released as "Lady Blue"); 2011 Long Hair (double LP)

Release details: The original features a wonderful silver plated gatefold cover. They are indeed scarce, and when you do find one, the cover is usually faded and shows plenty of wear. There is quite a bit of supply, and prices vary wildly anywhere between $100 and $300 depending on who is selling and the condition. The Brain issue came from their "Rock On Brain" series, and as was usual for the series, featured a new album cover and title (last photo). These can be had for a much cheaper price. Long Hair was the first and only to market with a CD, and it's superb with excellent liner notes, great sound, and a full 3 bonus tracks. Perhaps even better is the double LP reissue, replicating the original cover though less susceptible to wear. This issue includes the same three bonus cuts as the CD, plus one more lengthy - and excellent - track. Currently I own both Long Hair reissues, and see no reason to own the original unless it walks in the door at a cheap price (which it most likely won't).

Notes: Wolfgang Dauner was one of the true pioneers of the late 60s German jazz scene. And so he was a natural to experiment with rock’s energy and sounds, and combine them with his vision of free jazz. The opening track features a driving staccato synthesized organ sound (somewhat akin to Supersister or Soft Machine) mixed with some freer jazz structures that can be a bit much in places. The next three tracks are Dauner at his best, mixing an array of ethnic/world music (mainly Eastern) with some psychedelic rock and modal jazz. The album closes with a free jazz piece, which gets away from my personal tastes. So the opener and closer keep this from being a classic for me – but one that I still hold in high esteem. 

The CD reissue adds an additional three bonus cuts, and the LP appends one more with 'An Open Can' (12:35). These 4 tracks collectively were recorded at the same time as the album proper, and so are musically similar. That is to say they are at the crossroads of psychedelic rock and reckless jazz - though I'd submit these bonus tracks are tilted more in favor of the former, which is a good thing in my book.

Thanks to reader Eric for the push and encouraging me to get this information out there on UMR!

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