Ache - De Homine Urbano. 1970 Denmark

Ache's debut is amongst the earliest of full bore complex progressive rock, predating similar efforts by one to two years. Coming from the fertile late 60s Danish scene, perhaps only Alrune Rod share a similar sound, though said band were certainly more geared towards the psychedelic. Featuring Hammond organ and guitar as the lead instruments, De Homine Urbano goes through a myriad of progressions for both of the side long excursions presented here. The second side works a bit better, as it incorporates more of the band's psychedelic past. One of the few albums from 1970 that hold up well, compositionally speaking, against the more sophisticated works that were to come around by 1973 or so. Another way of saying that Ache is far beyond the usual "proto-prog" group. And while it's been said that the opener was composed with a ballet in mind, it's very difficult for the listener to conjure up images of frail girls in tutu's prancing about. Which draws the conclusion, for me anyway, that it's a terrible piece of work for ballet, but excellent progressive rock listening music.

Personal Collection
CD: 2000 Philips (w/ Green Man)

The original comes in a fine gatefold. That was my introduction to the album in the early 90s. I did sell it when the CD came out - though I'd probably pick it up again if the right opportunity comes along. As for the CDs, I went immediately for the 2-on-1 complete with the sophomore album Green Man, and I maintain that copy to date. It's a fine reissue with perfect sound.  The liner notes appear to come from an interview conducted in 1971 or so. That version went out of print rather quickly, and as such pirates started to emerge on both LP and CD, so watch out for those. Esoteric has recently put the CD back into supply, though they reissued the albums separately. I did eventually pick up their version and it comes with excellent liner notes,and this one does feature good sound. However considering the lack of bonus tracks, I decided to hang on to the 2 for 1 instead and moved the Esoteric version back out.

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