Major Surgery - The First Cut. 1977 England

From my point of view, there is a big difference between fusion and jazz rock. Fusion, as typified by bands like Return to Forever or Weather Report, is instrumental rock music played by jazz guys. It would almost seem the perfect marriage of the two genres: Virtuoso players tackling the meatier rock angst and sounds. But like any genre, there are some albums with depth and others that are pretty transparent. Jazz rock, on the other hand, is usually a jazz album with rock instrumentation sprinkled throughout. Fusion was more of a mid to late 1970s thing. Jazz rock was more typical at the turn of the 1970 decade, when the creativity of rock was capturing the imagination of jazzers tiring of the same ole, same ole. Major Surgery is a great example of jazz rock, and very much a sound out of vogue for 1977.

The AC sums up: "Jazz-rock rarity from this largely unknown unit, led by saxophonist Don Weller. He and drummer Tony Marsh would go on to become fairly well-known figures in the UK jazz scene, but of perhaps greater interest to prog fans is that the guitar here is handled by Jimmy Roche, who once played with the great East of Eden. His playing here is in a sort of jumpy, Larry Coryell-esque style that I find highly appealing. This stuff is definitely coming from the jazzier end of the jazz-rock spectrum, and being sax-fronted and lacking any sort of keyboard presence..."

Personal collection
LP: 1977 Next
CD: 2013 Proper

In look, sound, and feel, Major Surgery's album appears older than 1977. It seems like a 1971 release. This was an AC discovery from early last year, and I subsequently bought the LP not long after, not expecting a CD reissue anytime soon. So indeed the CD came as a real surprise. Proper is a label with many titles, but this is the first time they've intersected with the UMR. The reissue is excellent. Comes in a fine digi-pak, with a separate booklet containing archival photos. A short bio and one bonus track round out this fine package.


  1. Excellend definition of the fusion genre vs the jazz rock idiom. That's exactly my view of these stylings, Tom.

  2. Thanks Spyros! I always appreciate your comments.


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