Kvartetten Som Sprangde - Kattvals. 1973 Sweden

Sustain fuzz guitar, thick/wedgy Hammond B3, and Latin percussion. You are correct, Kvartetten Som Sprangde caught the Santana bug, and we're all the better for it. Of course I mean the Caravanserai era, so it's not like KSS had to change their evil ways... baby. Though I've seen some people vehemently disagree with me regarding Santana. Yea? Go have a listen to 'Andesamba' and tell me that's not an outtake from a Lotus era concert. C'mon... Of course they weren't content to just play the style of music of Carlos and company, but also ported that same instrumentation while adding in more traditional Scandinavian folk scales similar to how Kebnekaise employed the exact same technique. There's definitely an undercurrent of the early 70s Nordic jazz culture as well, clearly informed by the Swedish headliners of the day like Bjorn J:Son Lindh and Sabu Martinez. Fans of instrumental progressive jazz rock will not want to miss this one.

Personal collection
LP: 1973 Gump
LP: 2013 Subliminal Sounds

Similar to the Resan album we covered earlier this year, Subliminal Sounds has gone forward with an exact LP reissue but not a CD to date. I bought this version because a) I enjoy Reine Fiske's outstanding and thorough liner notes and b) My original vinyl isn't in the best of shape. But if a CD came forth, I would buy it as well and own all 3 copies. I hope they consider doing just that (along with Resan!). A pirate CD exists, so beware of that.

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