Gunter Schickert – Kinder in der Wildnis. 1983 Germany

Gunter Schickert – Kinder in der Wildnis. 1983 YHT (UK). Cassette only release.

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CD reissue: 2013 Bureau B

LP reissue: 2013 Bureau B

Cassette reissue: 1986 Auricle (UK)

CD-R reissue: 2002 Auricle (UK)

Release details: Originally released as a cassette on York House Tapes (first scan), it was followed by a cassette second press on Auricle (second scan), and later a CD-R from the same label (third scan). Finally the album has landed on a durable format courtesy of Bureau B (last scan). I picked up the CD for myself, and it comes with newly written historical notes and two very good and relevant bonus tracks. The sound is fantastic all things considered, much better than the cassette dub I had. An excellent package overall.

Notes: Gunter Schickert's "Kinder in der Wildnis" was itself an archival release compiled between 1981 and 1983 and released on the obscure York House Tapes due to a recommendation from the Freeman Brothers (Ultima Thule / Audion). As such, the music has a variety of styles, but all based on the patented cosmic sound-on-sound guitar style that Schickert had been performing since his "Samtvogel" album. There's a bit more of a rock element here, with nods to the NDW sound that was dominating the German underground at the time. The rockier sound also points to his days with the GAM ensemble he had formed in the mid 70s. As usual, there are all kinds of echoed vocals, from various sources. These augment the non-stop psychedelic guitar patterns, for a truly hypnotic experience. One of Germany's most innovative artists - quite a compliment considering the fertile scene from which he came from.

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