Flight - Incredible Journey. 1976 USA

Flight - Incredible Journey. 1976 Capitol

CD reissue: 2013 Eastworld (UK)

Packaging: "Incredible Journey" is a relatively common major label single sleeve release. As such, I was very surprised to see this title receive a CD reissue. Eastworld is an old school reissue label, similar to Wounded Bird. Straightforward late 80s styled jewel case reissues, with no bonus tracks or info beyond what was on the original LP - and in this case it includes the lyrics. But it's better than nothing. Definitely an album worth owning! No word on the debut album. Hopefully Eastworld considers that as well.

Notes: Florida based Flight's second album is a super tight and intense fusion like Return to Forever.... mixed with AOR Midwest styled 1970s FM pomp like Styx or Starcastle. Just the most bizarre blend of contrasting styles one can imagine. As if the band were made fun of for being musical wizards, so in order to be cool they put out crowd pleasing rock music. WTH? I like it in any case. One of a kind that's for sure.

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