After All - s/t. 1969 USA

After All - s/t. 1969 Athena

CD reissues: 2000 Gear Fab; 2011 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

LP reissues: 2000 Gear Fab; 2013 Out-Sider (Spain)

Packaging: An original will set you back anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on condition and market dynamics. This is an album that I somehow missed entirely until a couple of months ago, so I just picked up the Gear Fab CD, which is pretty scarce nowadays (though still available new if you look hard enough). The CD is typical barebones Gear Fab fodder, with a single tray card. But at least they utilize that one slip with unique liner notes. And it's legit, and sounds great. I don't think the single sleeve cover warrants the extra expenditure for the Japanese mini in this case. With that in mind, I doubt I'll pursue an LP in either original or reissue form.

Notes: Put me in the contingent that claims After All's sole album to be unheralded. I also have to agree with those that say this sounds more like what was coming out of England during this time, rather than the capital of Florida. A superb example of psychedelic rock within a jazzy framework. Fantastic Hammond and guitar leads. Side 1 is particularly excellent, and the opener 'Intangible She' has to rank amongst the best tracks I've heard in the genre. Side 2 drops off a bit, but there's some fine songwriting throughout.

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