Phase - Midnight Madness. 1979 USA

Phase - Midnight Madness. 1979 Red Mark

LP reissue: 1981 private (as Fusion Quartet - Comprovisations)

CD reissue: 2013 Modulus (mini-LP)

Packaging: Scarce as an original, but not particularly expensive, Phase's one album pretty much escaped everyone's radar until Midwest Mike discovered it a couple of years ago. His discovery lead directly to the CD reissue, as well as our entry into the CDRWL. The 1981 second press has a different cover, band name and title. Ken reissued the CD with the preferable original cover, in exact detail similar to how the Japanese do it. The booklet contains unique liner notes from the participants from the original recording, plus the ultra-technical music geek notes from the LP (as the AC so appropriately put it). A superb reissue, that all fans of progressive fusion should look into. I own the original LP and now the CD.

Notes: Phase is smoking fusion first, instrumental progressive rock second. A great mix of instrumental dexterity, with complex compositions and ferocious playing. RTF meets Kenso; or Iceberg meets Transit Express for a more obscure reference.

Much more info here.

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