Wurtemberg - Rock Fantasia Opus 9. 1980 France

Piano and flute dominate this fine instrumental progressive rock work from Wurtemberg, despite the fact that main composer Alain Carbonare was at the time (and maybe still) a craftsman for custom stringed instruments, that were also featured on the album, though primarily in the background. No doubt it's his handiwork that's featured on the front cover (left to right): Dulcimer, Lyre, and Psaltery. The introspective nature of the music recalls early Mike Oldfield, and when Wurtemberg rocks out, Snow Goose era Camel comes to mind. There's even a couple of places one can hear the prototype for the future Medieval French progressive rock act Minimum Vital. A remarkably consistent album, where the closing 7 minute track 'Rockopus1' would have to be considered the highlight.

Personal collection
LP: 1980 Sterne
CD: 2008 Rock Symphony (Brazil)

In an almost precisely opposite situation to the Trilogy album yesterday, I first bought an original LP of Wurtemberg in 1993, and only got around to buying the CD this year. I thought I was buying the Musea version, but there was a later exact repress/co-production from the excellent Brazilian label Rock Symphony - which maintains all of the liners of the Musea version, and the Musea logo is all over this. There are two short bonus tracks, but they are from 1986, and not really relevant. The original features a wonderful gatefold cover.

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