Trilogy - Here It Is. 1980 Germany

Of course when you name your band Trilogy, and keyboards are the main focus, then you are more than likely to draw comparisons to ELP. And if you're German: Triumvirat. And those obvious references aren't entirely off the mark. But they only tell half the story. First off, Trilogy are a 5 piece band with two keyboardists and a guitarist. Now the trick is - can they keep the album interesting as an entirely instrumental album? The answer is a resounding YES. Trilogy moves though various themes, colors, tones, moods, and textures with ease. All the while the rhythms are constantly changing to keep one guessing throughout the session. The solos carry melodic lines within them, creating a remarkably memorable album. At times I'm reminded of the instrumental side of Epidaurus. Here It Is is a striking example of a band, against all odds, that were able to create a superior progressive rock album that has stood the test of time. One that to this day remains undiscovered despite a fine CD reissue from Musea. Had the band arrived in 2013, they would be hailed as a "retro prog" classic.

Personal collection
LP: 1980 Cain
CD: 1994 Musea (France)

I was introduced to the album via Musea's excellent CD way back in 1994. It's always been a favorite album here at the UMR, so I also recently went forward with an original LP purchase. The CD features one fine and relevant bonus track. As you can see, the CD (bottom) features an entirely different cover. Call me weird, but I tend to like goofy covers such as the original LP. The Musea CD looks 1990s Photoshop to me - and most of their contemporary acts of the day had similar type covers.

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