Taste of Blues - Schizofrenia. 1969 Sweden

Taste of Blues - Schizofrenia. 1969 SSR

CD reissue: 2010 Transubstans

LP reissue: 1992 Garageland

Packaging details: Single sleeve cover and originals are very rare. I first heard this album via the Garageland LP reissue not long after it was released. Over time, I decided this is a title I didn't need, and sold it. Finally a CD reissue emerged in 2010 from the always excellent Transubstans label. The side long track alone is worthy of ownership - and now we have an excellent CD filled with informative liners. The CD is the keeper copy.

Notes: One side is a cool free rock jam, like the best of the Krautrock and Swedish artists like International Harvester. No doubt this track was influenced by Paul Butterfield Blues Band's "East West" suite from 1966. The other side is more traditional electric blues, so the album is indeed schizophrenic. But electric blues in 1969 is hardly the same thing as traditional blues, and there's plenty of psychedelic fuzz guitar and organ in the best tradition of the underground bands of the era.

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