Survivor - All Your Pretty Moves. 1979 USA

Survivor - All Your Pretty Moves. 1979 private

CD reissue: 2003 Monster

Packaging: Similar story to yesterday's Amulet, though a bit easier to score an original. And the CD on Monster is top drawer, which is the only version I own.

Notes: Not the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ bunch, but a much better than average early heavy metal group from Shreveport, Louisiana, saved from complete obscurity by the good folks at Monster Records. The vocalist is a slightly less forceful Rob Halford sound-alike, and the songwriting is up to the “Sad Wings of Destiny” standard of sophisticated hard rock. Even has a killer long track called ‘Deceive Me’. Hmmm.. wonder where that idea came from? Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin are other groups the band list as references and certainly the former makes plenty of appearances throughout.

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