SRC - Traveler's Tale. 1970 USA

After the somewhat middling Milestones, SRC finish their career on a high note. The opening trio of songs recall their splendid debut, though with more compositional acumen than before. 'Never Before Now' is the kind of pop slop they tried on "Milestones" with no success here either. 'By Way of You' brings the band back to credibility, before embarking on two bonafide monster tracks: 'Diana' is a brilliant heavy psych tune dedicated to some mega babe, and I would love to see a modern video interpretation of the song myself. This is followed by the excellent 7 minute 'Across the Land of Light', a rare instrumental that comes dangerously close to all-in progressive rock, and perhaps a peek through the window of what SRC could have become. But, alas, it was not meant to be. Album finishes disappointingly with the overlong 'The Offering'. SRC's debut is one of America's greatest major label psych albums. And 'Traveler's Tale' is about as good a late era psych album as you will find from anywhere.

Personal collection
LP: 1970 Capitol
CD: 1993 One Way

Nothing new here in regards to collecting, so I'll cut and paste what I said on the debut: "My introduction to SRC was via the One Way CD that I picked up about a year after release, and is still my keeper copy. Typical straight reissue from One Way with no other details. In doing research for this title, I found that BGO (Beat Goes On) has just released (this month!) all 3 SRC albums on a 2 disc set. This would most assuredly be the definitive set to own. Since I have all 3 individually on One Way, I probably won't switch out. But if you don't have these, definitely consider getting it."

March 2017 update: I recently secured an original. Nice copy too, though the cover has ring wear.

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