Space Circus - Fantastic Arrival. 1979 Japan

Space Circus - Fantastic Arrival. 1979 RCA

CD reissues: 1991 Made in Japan; 2008 BMG (mini-LP)

Packaging: Original is a single sleeve cover with a really cool astronauts on fire cover. Like almost all Japanese reissues, there are no liners in English available.The first CD reissue was always a bear to find. After many years of being absent from the shelves, the mini-LP from BMG filled the gap - though this version too looks to be slipping into the collector's market. 

Notes: Whereas Space Circus' debut "Funky Caravan" traded in on the cliches of the late 70s era - fat funky bass lines, and overall danceable jazz rock - "Fantastic Circus" reaches further back into the fusion canon and emulated no less a luminary than Mahavishnu Orchestra. As the album cover demonstrates, this is one fiery affair certain to light you up. By far the better of their two albums.

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