Sangiuliano - Take Off. 1978 Italy

Sangiuliano - Take Off. 1978 RCA

CD reissues: 1989 RCA (Japan); 1993 Si-Wan (Korea); 1997 BMG; 2011 Sony (mini-LP)

LP reissues: 1987 RCA (Japan); 1993 Si-Wan (Korea)

Packaging: The original is a single sleeve issue that features our main protagonist on the cover, with his - as my old friend Zary Smith / Record Vault used to say - really long hair (that was a selling point for him). I've never had the original, but they aren't terribly rare or expensive. I started with the Japanese LP and moved it out not long after the Si-Wan CD came out in 1993. And that's exactly the current status, and I can't imagine that changing unless an original LP walks in the door. The cover isn't that interesting to me I'm afraid.

Notes: A very unusual electronic rock album, especially for Italy, Sangiuliano has an arsenal of keyboards at his disposal to help create his unique musical vision. He relies heavily on the mellotron (especially the “choral” tapes), as well as his ARP 2600, to achieve the brassy sounds he seems to espouse. Real drums add a rock flair, and in this way, recall Wolfgang Bock’s “Cycles” or even some of Vangelis’ mid 70s work. There’s more majesty found here in the compositions than your typical Berlin School sequencer fests, and some of Rusticelli and Bordini’s instrumental work was brought to mind as well. An excellent album.

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