Poobah - Steamroller. 1979 USA

Poobah - Steamroller. 1979 Peppermint

CD reissues: 2005 Monster; 2009 Rockadrome

Packaging: And once again, another rare American private hard rock album. Poobah are more known than the other two we just posted, and this is their 3rd album. Originals cost about the same as the Survivor album. Given the high quality of the album, as I describe below, it's no surprise to me that the resuscitated Monster via the Rockadrome brand, started with Poobah's superb 3rd album. Worth noting that Monster altered the track order, much to its benefit I think. The second cover is the Monster CD. The Rockadrome version changed the cover slightly again, but I'm too lazy to copy it in. I own the Monster CD myself.

Notes: Not deterred after not being signed to a major label for "US Rock" (1976), Gustafson reformed the band again, and released one of the best hard rock albums for the entire 1970s in “Steamroller”. Not prog or psych or metal, just plain old hard rock. Power trio hard rock the way a band from Youngstown, Ohio oughta be. These guys just kick ass on the album from the beginning to the end. If you at all have interest in the US Midwest private hard rock scene, this is the album to get. 

We covered off on Poobah's debut "Let Me In "a couple of years ago. As far as I know, "US Rock" has yet to be reissued.

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