Patrick Vian - Bruits et Temps Analogues.1976 France

Patrick Vian - Bruits et Temps Analogues. 1976 Egg

CD reissue: 2013 Staubgold

LP reissue: 2013 Staubgold

Release details: Originals were once fairly easy to find here in the US, as Egg had good distribution here throughout the 1970s. This is an album one could still find brand new as late as the mid 1980s from a well stocked import store. I sold the LP years ago, and really didn't give it much thought until recently, where I picked one up again (for cheaper than the price of the reissue!). It seemed Vian's album was going to miss the CD era, but the once German - now French - label Staubgold has come to the rescue. It's a straight reissue, and it sounds like it comes from a (nice) vinyl copy. But it does feature a cool gatefold digi-pak, and it's 100% authorized, so those are pluses. I'm surprised they went forward with an LP reissue, though maybe the original LP is scarce in other parts of the world.

Notes: "Bruits et Temps Analogues" is pretty much an eclectic brew, in the French tradition, with Berlin School sequencer based electronic ostensibly being the album's main premise. No doubt Richard Pinhas (Heldon) was an influence here, with the mix of Moog synthesizers and electric guitars. But "Bruits et Temps Analogues" is more upbeat, and perhaps even more world music influenced. Vian previously headed up the much more polarizing, and politically charged, Red Noise from a few years before. And there's very little of that angst and radicalism present here. Overall a pretty harmless affair, and a nice album to hear every once in awhile. But nothing groundbreaking or striking.

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