MKII - Burning Daylight. 1994 England

On the surface, MKII's Burning Daylight wouldn't even get a second listen. It's a modern, digital, plodding, sterile instrumental album... with... with bluesy psychedelic guitar. A total anachronistic experience! As if Andy Glass from Solstice walked into the studio and laid down some incredible licks. Then left. For that alone, the atmosphere is splendid. Not the greatest album in the world, but worth grabbing the CD... if you can find it. On this latter point, I bought this new in 1995, and it seems now to be completely extinct. Most albums on the SI label weren't worth the time to invest in, and hence the once active label closed down due to a lack of sales. MKII is much different from their normal sterilized commercial neo prog fare. Certainly not worth paying a fortune for, but buy one if you see it for a reasonable price.

Personal collection
CD: 1994 SI (Netherlands)

Last listen: 2013

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