Flyte - Dawn Dancer. 1979 Netherlands-Belgium

Flyte - Dawn Dancer. 1979 Don Quixote

CD reissue: 1993 Musea (France); 2012 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

LP reissue: 1994 Si-Wan (Korea)

Packaging: The album is stored in a single sleeve cover with a nice painting. I had a chance to buy an original this past year for a reasonable price and jumped at it. This allowed me to move out the Korean reissue, even though Si-Wan did a nice job making it into a gatefold. I only own the original LP, but a friend has the Musea CD, and it's up to their usual high standard with lengthy liner notes. I'm guessing the Belle Antique version is loyal to the original and remains a single sleeve. If the CD is offered to me cheap, I'd buy it, otherwise I'm fine with the LP for an album such as this.

Notes: Flyte are originally from Breda, a Dutch town that borders the Flemish regions of Belgium. As such, they are a mixture of both countries. But musically, they might as well be from Cincinnati, and would have been a perfect addition to my Midwest USA list. All the tracks are between 4 and 6 minutes, with that unique combination of commercial aspiration and complex progressive composition. The heavily accented English vocals won't push Flyte to stardom, but one can't help but admire the effort. So while fellow countrymen Lady Lake knew to keep their mouth shut for the most part, Flyte went for broke. So in the end you get progressive AOR music with badly accented vocals - and a lot of mellotron. Ehhh - why not?

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