Clear Blue Sky - s/t. 1970 England

Clear Blue Sky - s/t. 1970 Vertigo. Also released in France and Germany.

CD reissues: 1990 Repertoire (Germany); 2001 Universal (Japan mini-LP); 2005 Repertoire (German mini-LP)

Packaging: Another rarity, though compared with The Human Beast, this is dime store stuff. The French and German originals can be had relatively inexpensive, so that's an option if you just want to own the rather cool looking gatefold cover. I haven't done that myself, as I keep hoping to get a UK original for cheap. Keep dreaming buddy... Anyway, I started with the Repertoire CD and traded up for the Japanese mini, which is my only current copy. It's a beautiful package, and I have no issues with the sound - but purists usually hate that some equalization has been applied. From my perspective, it just saves me the trouble of doing it myself. LOL. As far as I know, no specialist label has reissued this fine album with unique liner notes, bonus tracks, etc... On this theme, it's also surprising not to see this reissued on LP as well.

Notes: One of a handful of highly creative, psychedelic influenced, progressive guitar power trio albums coming from England circa 1970. Can easily be compared with Stray's debut and The Human Beast. Perhaps it's the runt of that litter, but it's such a gorgeous family, that just being in the same house is prestigious enough. Love those higher pitched British psych-era vocals. 'The Rocket Ride' and 'You Mystify' are both exceptional, though there's not a single weak track here.

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