Casa das Maquinas - Lar de Maravilhas. 1975 Brazil

Casa Das Máquinas - Lar de Maravilhas. 1975 Som Livre

CD reissue: 1994 Cast

Packaging: Definitely an album that is more obscure than expensive.  I quite like the cover, but never tried to score an LP for myself. I might do that eventually. I was introduced to this album via the Cast CD when it first came out, which I still own, and it too seems to have disappeared. The CD is a straight jewel case reissue with no extras. This isn't an album that warrants moving mountains for, but if you see the LP or CD, you may want to grab it.

Notes: Starting with the album cover, “Lar de Maravilhas” possesses a strong resemblance to early Premiata Forneria Marconi. Somewhat mellow, song-oriented, but with a clear progressive approach. Advanced arrangements for acoustic/electric guitar, organ, Moog, and complex rhythms. Not that this album is anywhere on par with “Per un Amico”, but there are a few similarities. This is the middle of their 3 albums. Apparently the other 2 are more straightforward rock. I get the impression Casa das Máquinas are like those Italian pop bands, such as I Dik Dik or Equipe 84, who decided to dabble in progressive rock for a short time.

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