Amulet - s/t. 1980 USA

Amulet - s/t. 1980 Shadow

CD reissue: 2000 Monster

Packaging: The original LP is a typical bare bones single sleeve from the USA. If you saw this in a used record store, you would know instantly it was a private release and probably worth money. And it is (expect to pay between $100-$200 for a nice copy depending on the week and who is watching). So somewhat still affordable if you're a hardcore private press hard rock fan. The only CD is from Monster, who later became Rockadrome. They remain the gold standard for hard rock reissues, with solid liner notes, great sound, etc...

Notes: If you’re looking for the real deal when talking the late 70s American underground hard rock guitar scene, then Indiana's Amulet is for you. You can’t fake this. There’s nothing flashy, slick, pretentious, or commercial about this release. Just a bunch of guys who gave you an honest dollar’s performance, because they knew their audience didn’t have much scratch to spare. Straight from the mines to the dimly lit tavern for some Falstaff and an evening of rockin' with Amulet. And if the groupie girls were there... well... then... the night was to be remembered forever.

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